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Writing Down A Dissertation Becomes Hell Of A Task Because Of Obstacles Like


Writing down a dissertation can be easy if this literature review chapter is thrown out of it. The more difficult it is the more important part it plays in any research work. A dissertation’s literature review writing can be the task that could make your nights sleepless and restless.

Literature review chapter of a dissertation is that kind which causes most of the students to fail their dissertation assignment. The perfection level demanded by this chapter of a dissertation is unmatchable with any other chapter of a dissertation.

No one in his graduation or Master’s level degree would like to end up failing in the final task of submission of a dissertation. But writing a literature review could lead you to this unwanted situation if some important elements are not taken care well. You cannot ignore what is the most important and what connects most of the other contents in a dissertation. There has been a huge number of students looking for help in literature review chapter and comparatively that is the biggest number than any kind of academic help.

Have you analysed hundreds of previous authors’ research material, but still unable to evaluate its authenticity to include in your

dissertation literature review writing



You find yourself incapable of discussing the similarities & dissimilarities of previous theories presented by various authors in your field & unskilled in revealing relationship of your literature review with previous ones.

You should free yourself from all other tasks which are lesser important than this task of writing a literature review for dissertation. If you still couldn’t take any time out for literature review on daily basis, your chances to produce a better quality dissertation are
ZERO percent. A student of 21st century is unusually reluctant of self study and it is nearly impossible to see study circles seriously working on their academics instead of fooling around with girl friends and boyfriends.

While the task to write a literature review demands a non-stop struggle with books and all the relevant academic journals to your course. If you are studying science or subjects related to science then you need to have a reasonable command over the area subject and an opinion over the literature and research work done so far on the subject matter.

So have you prepared yourself to overcome all these obstructions to get your

PhD, Masters, Graduate or Undergraduate literature review?

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How to Write Literature Review?

It is undoubtedly an important part as it demonstrates the information which has been gained by you on your chosen topic. It is not merely a list of the available material, but it ought to highlight the major ideas and issues since it covers all the past articles, books and other theories presented by various authors in your area of study.

The critical analysis of collected material or contents for the research study to make your topic look reasonable can be the toughest part of writing a dissertation. Reflecting a critical impression in writing does not mean rejecting the research work done in past or refuting their views and findings but it means to point out the missing elements in their research and how your adopted research is the one brick to fulfill that space.

List Of Obstructions & Literature Review Guidelines

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